State urges growers have corn tested

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RALEIGH – North Carolina is urging its farmers to have their corn tested for aflatoxin to prevent contamination of feeds and food.

Aflatoxin, a byproduct of the mold Aspergillus flavus, can harm humans and livestock.

Farmers who need to have samples tested for crop insurance or quality assurance purposes can submit a 5-pound shelled sample by mail, UPS or FedEx to a U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified location. The closest to the Twin Counties is Cargill Soybean Plant; Attn: Jason Jernigan; 1400 S. Blount St.; Raleigh, NC 27603. The tests cost $22.20 per sample.

Farmers who grow or buy bulk corn to feed to their own animals can have it tested for free. The closest shipping sites to the Twin Counties are the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Constable Laboratory, 4000 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, 27607, and the Lower Coastal Plain Tobacco/Cunningham Research Station, 200 Cunningham Road, Kinston. The sites are not on the U.S. Risk Management Agency’s approved testing facility list; the results will not be accepted for insurance claims.

For more information about aflatoxin testing, call George Ferguson, feed compliance officer, at 919-733-7366 or go to