Todd Hinson

Todd Hinson

Content marketing delivers targeted messaging

By Todd Hinson
Business Columnist

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It is easier than ever for us as consumers to avoid the “noise” from today’s marketers. We can fast forward through television commercials thanks to our DVRs, and the advertising that surrounds us has become part of the background instead of something that gains our attention.

It is more challenging than ever to get people’s attention. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Creating and distributing targeted, relevant, engaging content to attract an audience and drive profitable customer action is the mainstay of content marketing. To be truly effective, successful content marketing shares relevant information with your customers without overtly selling.

Chances are, your chief competitors are doing their share of content marketing.

A recent Ascend2 research report, “Content Marketing Trends from the Small- and Medium-Sized Business Perspective,” found that about half of small- and medium-sized businesses marketers are increasing their content marketing budgets, while only 7 percent are scaling back.

Here are seven quick strategies to share relevant information through the media, your blog, email. e-newsletters or on your website.

  • Share news with local and trade media. News outlets have targeted audiences, either by geography or subject matter, and provide an unbiased credibility to your news.
  • Leverage customer stories through case studies. More than half of survey respondents said case studies and articles are one of the most effective and easiest ways to start the customer-engagement process.
  • Use engaging video. While potentially challenging to create, videos are viewed as one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.
  • Let images tell your story. Infographics can transform confusing messages and complex data into easy-to-understand information.
  • Educate with white papers. White papers are best for sharing in-depth ideas and primarily are used by business-to-business marketers. This long-format presentation might be the ideal option for complex topics.
  • Gather intelligence with webinars. When well-promoted and well-attended, webinars help position your speaker or organization as thought leaders. Additionally, event registration forms capture prospect and customer data whether registrants attend or not.
  • Consider outsourcing. Creating content marketing resources takes time and talent. If resources are stretched or short, consider using a marketing services provider to create or distribute your content marketing resources through print and digital channels.

Todd Hinson is co-owner of Allegra Design Marketing Print.


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