Milton Fields

Milton Fields

Lawyers chew the fat at monthly meal

By Milton Fields
Life Columnist

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On a specified day in each month, a group of old and retired lawyers meet for lunch at a local restaurant. This has been going on for several years and appears to be enjoyed by those who attend. Eating is secondary. Talking is the main item. Everyone has a tale to tell, and they frequently don’t wait for time.

The main topic usually is politics, as many of those present have participated in some political race or another, whether on a local level or nationwide. Every now and then, a surprise pops up to the amazement of some.

I would rate the second place topic for discussion is the deterioration of the public’s respect for the legal profession in general.

When most of those in attendance first started in the profession, advertising was considered unethical. So was the solicitation of work. Now, there is advertising of every sort in newspapers and on billboards and television.

Things have changed over the years and whether or not they are good or bad is discussed at length. There is one thing that we are usually in agreement upon. We were in the profession at the best time and enjoyed the comradeship of those similarly occupied. Can you believe that lawyers do agree – sometimes?

Milton Fields is a raconteur and retired lawyer living in Rocky Mount.