NAACP to sponsor march, rally for Trayvon Martin

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The Rocky Mount branch of the NAACP will sponsor a march and rally Wednesday to remember Trayvon Martin.

“We must stop and remember the unnecessary and unjust death of Trayvon Martin,” Rocky Mount branch President Andre Knight said. “Although he was hunted and murdered in Florida and his confessed killer was exonerated by a jury, we all know that justice was not served for him, his family and for all of America.”

The march will begin at 6 p.m. in front of Edgecombe Community College’s Rocky Mount campus and proceed to city hall, where the rally will be held.

Knight said the NAACP is calling on people “to protest his senseless murder and the unjust system that allowed his killer to go free.”

“Come join us as we stand our ground and declare that we shall not be moved,” he said.

For more information, call 252-544-2949 or 252-382-1065.



For anyone that thinks Zimmerman is guilty of murder, please watch the video of his account of the events that was taken just days after the encounter. Everything he says in it coincides with police reports, eyewitness accounts, the police call recording. He did walk throught the apartments. When *Martin approached him* he said he didn't have a problem and got popped in the nose, then thrown to the ground and his head smacked on the sidewalk repeatedly. At that point he hadn't initiated any physical violence, just received it. When Treyvon told him he was gonna die "m-f" and tried to grab his gun, he got it first and shot. No legal pursuance of racial motivation has ever been sought, but the media, the NAACP, Obama, Holder, the NBA, and countless others all want to make this about race. They are the racist. They are creating race issues where there are none. Take race out of all government documents, school and job applications, remove any affirmative action (racism by definition)have actual equal oppertunity and stop blaming everyone else for your own problems. I never, my father never, his father never owned a slave, or knew anyone that did, yet I carry the blame for it every where I go. Furthermore, profiling is just use of good common sense. A brown man running from an immagration vehicle is probably an illegal. A white man in a white hood is probably KKK. A black man with gold teeth, gold chains a sideways hat and his pants below his but is probably a punk. If each of them are in a place where they are rarely seen at inoppertune times following a rash of likely offenses, why shouldn't someone profile them. Lastly I'll judge you as you judge me. I have black friends and aquantinces. My kids play with blacks, whites and browns. Race never comes up. Stop acting like a victim and maybe you won't get treated like one. Stay home today and pray for Treyvon's family and their loss and for the country as a whole. Don't add to the problem of racism like the media is doing.

Hiding behind a code name

ain't much difference than the KKK and a racist hiding behind a code name. Well!

Hey Dancy!

Hey Dancy! Remember me? Good to see your ignance is still on display! Keep up the good work buddy. GM

dancing curly made the

dancing curly made the statement on the old RM forum that he celebrated OJ's acquittal with a cake where he was employed. Well I had cake this past week. Get over it pygmy--Zimmerman acquitted--trayvon in hell--Class Dismissed


The downfall is ultimately the fact of our government. This country was founded on the christian belief of the bible. The #1 selling book of all time. In God we trust! This man fead hundreds of people with a few fish and very little bread. He turned water into wine. The king of all kings. But the US of A has turned their back on him and his word and we are paying the price and fastly watching the world go on a downward spiral. We have put a non believer in office as our president. Not saying the other choice was any better though. Point blame to wherever but it always comes back to bible and Gods plan for his people. Stop turning your back on him and he will always take care of us


You got that right! Amazing to see the Bible come to life in front of us though! The whole world is in trouble...

If you fell that way

If you feel that you need the Government to select and promote your religious beliefs, then quite simply...MOVE! Make your own choice...That's what America is all about...


Please don't bring that hatred and racial division here. There is ENOUGH ignorance in Rocky Mount!! This case was tragic but imo brought to trial without cause. If you do feel there are injustices in the court system- you are CORRECT! Remember OJ?! Stand up for a better system, not racial divide!!! NCAAP has not been worthy since they disconnected themselves from religion... have you noticed the agendas they have taken on? EDUCATE you & yours the RIGHT way! imo that's the bible ;)

This is crazy

People complaining about what Mr.Knight is doing. Why? Have any of you put yourself in the parent's shoes. I think not! Let's take color out the picture how would you feel. Too many of us this day in time show your true colors doing times like this. How does smoking pot make you a thug. Have you had your kids drug tested? As the other hate crimes that has taking place hate it for their families? No one should have to go through that. So when you are marching leave hate mail for Mr. Knight just remember that could have been your 17 year old child that had his/her life shorten, because of one asshole playing Wyatt Earp. So stop complaining about stuff we can't change and put some of the negative energy towards our City and County officials and get some jobs in the twin counties. Think about this more people kill on the streets in the US than killed in war in the last decade. Think about it.

No sh*t

We have a population of 3 million plus. Not nearly as much as in the wars we are fighting. I thought about it. I'm not good at math, but it makes sense.....


Cumilus where do you get off saying what goes on in Rocky Mount when you do not even live there ! And your comment about Zimmerman killing Martin when Martin wasn't doing anything ! Let's just get to the real facts ! Martin was a dope smoking wanna be thug and ran up with the wrong man. And as for Knight and Penney both of them are racist and just as ignorant as you !

I have spent years in Rocky Mount up until

as recently as today ignant! I have attended countless meetings in Rocky Mount. I have worked there for the past 26b years. I have been a member of the Rocky Mount Branch since the 90's. But you don't get to pick and choose what the hell I can do and say about any town in Rocky Mount. I am well known across the state of NC by many folks. I am not limited to my hometown. Fact is Trayvon Martin was not doing anything. You see you are adding on to the damn incident because he was not using drugs the day he was killed by Killerman and I don't know if he has ever used drugs. I see you can't touch my FACTUAL statement about Rev. Andre Knight and Charles Penny City Manager. Well!

How about this, Knight?

Instead of spreading hatred towards the Caucasian ethnic group, how about how we can all come together and work things out? BTW why is no one answering their cell phones?

Spreading hate?

Really? How did you come up with that? What are you doing about coming together and working things out?


Dancy! Tell everybody how you tried to get an employee at Honeywell fired. (one who had a family who depended on his income) What was your problem with him? Oh yeah....He gave a retiring employee a confederate flag. Finally, Honeywell moved him to a different department. You are such a team player you M*orn!!!!

I am going to let your ignant

a.. tell it so you have the floor fix it however you like. LMBAO! But if anyone actually read your comment they would see . . . Yes!

How about this.

I ask Andre the same thing and he was rude and disrespectful by refusing to answer my question AND even hung up on me.

Question for Knight and NAACP

Are y'all going to remember the 13 month old baby boy who was shot in the face twice by 2 young black teenagers? How about the young lady who was pushed off her bike, beaten and stuffed in a trash can over her bike? How about the 12 years old boy who was tied up, tortured by a black woman over the Christmas holiday? How about the elderly woman who was beaten to death and robbed by 3 young black men all caught on video? Will y'all remember them during this rally? Let's hope Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson don't show up because they will only put my fire to the wood.


What are you doing about the above? We will do what we do and you don't get to pick and choose what we do. You don't control who we invite get that!

The very reason

That is the very reason why your ethnic group is so profiled. A peaceful rally turns to a violent rampage against Caucasian ethnic businesses or even people. Remember Denny that was attacked during the LA riot and for what? Because he was Caucasian. He didn't have ANYTHING to do with the police beating but just because he was a Caucasian he was beaten and had a cement block thrown at his head. Dancy, why is EVERYTHING about the poor African-American community? What about the Chinese community? The Japanese community? Even the Korean community that was attacked years ago by a group of African-Americans? All your president did Friday during his conference was just that poor old African American community, they are profiled by the Caucasian, Latino, Chinese and Japanese community. I have met you Dancy and I feel so much hatred coming out of you whenever a Caucasian person is around, you act like we all are out to get you. Instead of your buddies, Al & Jesse and even William Barber spewing hatred maybe they need to dive back into the Good Book of the Bible and preach about love, just like Jesus Christ had for all the people He met along his journey here on earth.

Out to get me?

How ignant! Post one example here as it relates to your comment, "I have met you Dancy and I feel so much hatred coming out of you whenever a Caucasian person is around, you act like we all are out to get you." I love it when folks hide behind a code name and try to call someone out. I bet I could call you out if it is true that you have been around me. LMBAO!

Knight Want Take a Chance for a Missed Opportunity

It is sad that the blacks in Rocky Mount are so mislead by their leadership. The Martin/Zimmerman case was anything other than it has been presented by the mainstream media and self-serving black activists. This is just another chance for Andre Knight to get himself into the spotlight. He and other so called black leaders should focus on the real problems in the black community and help fix them so that blacks can get the respect that their race deserves. More ill will toward others is no solution. Shame on him and the NAACP.


In the spotlight where? He do not have to do anything he is already in the spotlight just like Trayvon Martin was not doing anything but minding his own business and Killerman killed him. You don't get to choose what we focus on! Get that! An ignant response but what more can one expect.


I agree Dakota. If the glove dont fit you must do what? Aquit! Blacks cheered in the streets when he was found not guilty. Justice was finally served to OJ later thanks to our savior Jesus Christ. Its funny how things work out isnt it. Now the tables were turned and blacks are back in the streets rioting and starting trouble for the same verdict. Educate yourselves and stop following the wrong leaders! (Especially following Mr Knight) NAACP is nothing but a racist group that causes more bad then good. When are we going to start a group that stands up for our rights? When we are passed up for new jobs cause we arent black. When we are passed up for promotion cause we arent black. Oh we cant because it would be considered racist! Its a never ending problem! Just like the all black fire group in the RM fire Dept. How is this legal and why does our chief allow it? Because he is scared to do or say anything! Thats true life!

say it's not so

Can't believe someone I work with is this uninformed. You do have a group called the Klan. These people lost their child and all you can think to do is bash Mr. Knight. And every promotion is not contested over race. My god you just hate people of color admit it. This is crazy what about the people that are promoted just cause management want him promoted. Are we gonna start a group for that, think not. And its no secret who skeeter17 is. And I belong to no group! Semper Fi.


The NAACP don't do that so how ignant. Rev. Andre Knight does not either so another ignant response. Start your group but nope you will not do that because you will no longer be able to hide behind a code name.

Tell andre

Tell Andre to at least use a vacation day. I don't want to pay tax dollars for someone who should be working..

Its ashame that o.j. simpson

Its ashame that o.j. simpson can kill his white wife and when he was found not guilty the black community had a party.Now that its the other way around its a big issue.I see it clear now you people are all for yourselves. THINK SOMEONE ALWAYS OWES YOU SOMETHING.I guess we cant even defend ourselves with that being a issue.


The NAACP didn't have a party. I strongly believe if O.J. killed them that he would have told someone by now.

Curmilus wrote:The NAACP

Curmilus wrote:
The NAACP didn't have a party. I strongly believe if O.J. killed them that he would have told someone by now.
naacp may not have had a party but you did carry a sheet cake to Honeywell where you work after oj's acquittal..

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