Firefighters in Charlotte, Greensboro hit by car break-ins

The Associated Press

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CHARLOTTE — Authorities in Charlotte and Greensboro say firefighters in their cities have been the targets of car break-ins during the last several weeks.

Charlotte Fire Department spokeswoman Cynthia Robbins Shah-Khan said there have been at least a dozen break-ins at the city’s fire stations over the last 10 days. Shah-Khan said the break-ins started on the weekend of Feb. 13 and continued through last Friday morning, when two more stations were targeted. In all, five stations have been hit.

In Greensboro, officials say 11 Greensboro firefighters were the victims of car break-ins Tuesday night. Another break-in was reported out in the county, and officials are trying to determine if the crimes are related.

Police in both cities are seeking information that will lead to suspects.