American public is tired of political insiders, useless media

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The year 2016 just could be the year of the “outsider” in politics.

It’s doubtful because “insiders” have dominated the scene for so long. Still, it could happen.

At one time, Dr. Ben Carson was leading the polls in some states. His support has wavered somewhat, but he still remains a bona fide candidate.

Donald Trump, the billionaire developer, remains atop most polls nationally.

Both men are outsiders, meaning that they are without any practical experience in government.

Why now? Why are outsiders popular with the throngs of voters?

For starters, there is the whole issue of the financial crash weighing on people’s minds.

That epic event didn’t happen all at once. Most knowledgeable observers of the political scene agree that the seeds of that disaster began in the 1990s under Bill Clinton. Things merely picked up speed under George W. Bush.

The political insiders gave us a financial disaster epic in its scope. Thanks a lot!

There are other things, as well, to consider.

The invasion of Iraq was largely because the established political class wanted to protect its viability for future elections. They voted for war, mostly.

Throughout it all, the media has been largely useless. The media were the primary cheerleaders for the invasion. They only changed their tune when things started to go badly. When no weapons of mass destruction were discovered, they jumped ship and wiped their hands of the whole matter. Thanks a lot again!

Certainly, this chain of events is true and voters know it.

The late TV journalist David Bloom had a specially constructed seat aboard a U.S. tank, built just for him.

Why? So he could be “embedded” and report firsthand on the action. Career-enhancing, you know. He was a primary cheerleader for the invasion.

Voters also know that the established political class has for years and years merely given lip service to issues like illegal immigration. Thanks again!

All in all, it’s not exactly a flattering picture being painted here.

Outsiders are capitalizing on voters’ dissatisfaction with the established political class where so many decisions are predicated on maintaining one’s own political viability for future elections.

The media -- especially the broadcast media -- have been largely useless throughout the duration. They are primarily motivated by career aspirations of their own and making the “A” list for parties, banquets and the like.

Thanks, but no thanks.


Rocky Mount