Bond proposal another example of poor government spending habits

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The $2 billion bond proposal has been deceptive and based on a series of fallacies from the beginning.

It is nothing more than legislative leaders wanting more money to spend than their budget allows. The bond would provide them the money without having to take the blame for their individual actions.

It was originally sold as needed for road repairs, then shifted to critical repair needs to our state buildings. Low public support was overcome by switching a third time and offering North Carolina’s public universities and community colleges “new” monies for “new” construction.

The promised goodies for our schools are just promises. Each institution will have to apply for the funds after the bond passes, and they may not get a dime. And this money, for the most part, is being used for new unneeded expansion when many of these institutions are under-
utilized, have declining enrollment and see no need to make the same budgetary decisions that North Carolina families are forced to do.

Another deception is the claim that $2 billion borrowed will not necessitate another increase in taxes. All we have to do is look at the last bond.

It was passed with the same promise and yet, taxes were raised several times. This easy money scheme will rob our children and grandchildren.

The legislative leaders would have us believe that there is nothing they could cut out of the $22 billion they already have.

What happened to personal responsibility and prioritizing, the job they were elected to do?

This bond issue, proposed by Republicans, overwhelmingly approved by the Democrats will probably pass by a large margin, but it is nothing more than another robbing and plundering what is left of the people’s pottage.


Rocky Mount