To call ISIS Islamic is like calling Westboro Baptist Church Christian

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Radical Islamic jihadist. These three words have been billboarded by conservative talk radio hosts who oppose President Barack Obama’s foreign policy in the war against terror here in America and abroad. His critics want us to believe that these three words, if used, would place us in a position of advantage and would ultimately help America win the war against ISIS.

This is silly. It would do nothing of the sort; moreover, it would hurt our efforts in that regard. The term radical Islamic jihadist is fascist and does nothing to defeat them. Actually, ISIS would probably relish the term.

Why should we use our superior military capability to defeat the terrorists? Why don’t we just call them names? Why should we try to use diplomacy and build coalitions? Why don’t we just throw spit balls and send them to their rooms?

Here is why. This term is offensive to moderate Muslims all over the world who could be potential partners with the United States in defeating ISIS. We cannot do it alone.

ISIS’ followers think they are Islamic; but they are not. To call them Islamic would give them some legitimacy. This point is clearly understood when we examine, not “radical Islam,” but radical Christianity. Most of us are aware of the Westboro Baptist Church. Its members picket funerals of deceased service men and women while families mourn their loved ones. They rejoice publicly when someone dies to AIDS while they curse and scream awful and offensive names. I can’t see Jesus acting like this and neither can you. But they call themselves Christians, and it is quite obvious that 99 percent of Christians would say the Westboro Baptist Church are not Christians. They would say that the Westboro Baptist Church does not represent what real Christianity teaches, which is love, tolerance and compassion.

The same point can be made about calling members of ISIS radical Islamic jihadists. Most all Muslims would tell you that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and does not represent the tenets of Islam. So it would be offensive to label this terrorist group as “Islamic” just as Christians would not label the members of the Westboro Baptist Church as Christian.

The president asked Congress to pass a law that would prohibit those who are on the no-fly list from purchasing a gun, but Congress denied the passage of the bill. In addition, Congress has yet to declare war against ISIS. If conservatives are so tough, why haven’t they declared war against ISIS? This clearly suggests other motives; and I think we know what those motives are.

This Congress refuses to legislate anything to help in the war against terror. It sees gun control laws as an erosion to the Second Amendment, but there isn’t as much hoopla over the laws that have been passed over the years against free speech or the First Amendment. Aside from laws against yelling “Fire!” in a theatrer, other free speech restrictions have come in the form of outlawing hate speech. Is the First Amendment less important than the Second Amendment? Is the Second Amendment infallible? No. Laws change to meet the needs and the safety of the modern culture.

Let’s grow up as a nation and put aside partisan ignorance and hatred for a minority president.

Would you do away with the Second Amendment altogether if it would save your own child from being gunned down in an elementary school like the ones in Newtown? I’ll give you a minute to answer while the Jeopardy music plays.


Rocky Mount


ISIS vs Westboro

Here is one huge difference in the way members of both religious groups behave. Christian groups turn out in large numbers, including biker groups, to disrupt and interfere with Westboro's activities. Christian groups not silent nor inactive confronting Westboro. Muslim groups remain silent on Islamic terrorist action, and you may in fact research to find a huge percentage of those silent followers of Islam actually believe it is ok to kill non-Muslims. Where are the Imam's speaking out on their groups behaviors? Strangely absent isn't it? This problem will never be resolved between Christians and Muslims because we do not worship the same God. Research Ismael and Isaac. Jesus comes thru Isaacs lineage which Muslims only recognize Ismael. A huge disconnect because God (Jesus) rejected Ismael. So the Muslim god does not have Jesus as His son.

Dumb ass

Deros, can you name me one head the people of that stupid church has cut off or one person they have killed or bombed? You sir, are a dumb ass.

You're wasting your time, Yolanda....

YolandaJenkins wrote:
Deros, can you name me one head the people of that stupid church has cut off or one person they have killed or bombed? You sir, are a dumb ass.
deros isn't a real person. It's a message generator that has been programmed to look for key words an article, email, text message, etc., and use those words to select appropriate left-wing (aka Socialist) words and phrases to formulate a response. That's all it is. It is programmed to ignore responses that challenge its message. In summary, it is nothing more than a non-thinking robot. There is multitude of such robots in existence in this country. They would be nothing more than a nuisance; however, because of lax voting laws and outright voter fraud, they have also been programmed to vote in elections for anyone running on the Socialist ticket.

Your comparison point is valid

ISIS and Westboro Baptist are essentially one in the same. The likes of them are like a cult of blood brothers but they are both out for your blood, not their owm. Though not a fan of the Second Amendment I agree with Franklin when he said, "anyone willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither." Be careful what you ask for.

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