New utility rates will save money for most Rocky Mount customers

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There is obviously a great deal of misinformation being discussed about the recent Rocky Mount utility rate changes.

The City Council approved a significant rate decrease which will lower utility bills for electric and natural gas customers.

Electric service customers will receive an approximate 14 percent decrease. Natural gas customers will benefit from an overall 7 percent decrease in the bills.

The average residential electric service customers using 1,000 KWA per month and taking full advantage of the load management program will now pay $115.00 per month compared to $134.79 per month under the prior rates.

The recent rate change is very competitive with other electrical service providers in the area. This information is available on the city of Rocky Mount website.

Natural gas users will also realize a significant reduction in the rates. The effect of the rate change will vary with the monthly usage of each customer. A customer who uses a large amount of natural gas for heating, cooking, water heating, will realize more of a decrease. Customers who use only a small amount of natural gas may see an increase in the monthly bill. However, this rate plan more evenly distributes the cost of providing the service among the customers.

Clearly, the final monthly bill for each electric or gas customer is going to depend on the usage. But, the new rates will have an effect on that final bill.

The city of Rocky Mount is very fortunate to have such a competent staff in the Public Utilities Department. Director Rich Worsinger has received numerous awards and national recognition for the work that his department has done for the public it serves. The department literally did a “neighborhood association tour” to explain the changes, well in advance of the new rates going into effect.

They processed direct mail letters to every customer, conducted radio and television interviews, advertised through billboards, newspaper ads, bill inserts and newsletters, just to name a few.

The City Council has taken some action to address the utility rate issue. More can be done in the future as our economy expands.

Misinformation about our community harms our image with our own residents, as well as those who may be considering to relocate here. Does Rocky Mount have challenges? Of course, we do.

Every city has challenges these days. Rocky Mount also has many pluses and new opportunities that are being planned. A positive conversation about what we have and what we can become will help us to achieve a much better quality of life for all.


Rocky Mount


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Mr. Martin

and their smoke screen letter.

Challenges ?

Please list the "challenges" that "harm our image...." What benefits, savings or reductions does "residents" with $1,200 utility bills have because they reside in substandard housing? Your image is how you treat your poor and if you think those you want to relocate here have blinders on and can't see or hear the demise of the down town area and the adjoining communities you've not accepted the challenges nor have you addressed them in a positive face value reality. " A great city is known by how it treats it's poor."


A very good letter!


Waiting on your comment about the president of the NAACP Andre Knight forming a lynch mob to have Dr. Jackson fired.


Waiting on your comment about the president of the NAACP Andre Knight forming a lynch mob to have Dr. Jackson fired.

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