New year offers opportunity to repent and turn from wicked ways

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For centuries, the Bible has provided a moral compass for civilizations (societies ) that would live by it. Heeding its wise counsel produced unprecedented and unequaled amity and prosperity in the historic reigns of David and Solomon.

Such prosperity left nothing more to be desired, so people no longer looked to God for their well-being and to fulfill their needs. History records their decline as they disregarded their moral compass. During the Dark Ages, the Bible disappeared altogether.

Centuries later, the long hidden Bible was brought to light by martyrs who lost their lives to translate the word of God into common languages.

Inspired by the liberty from tyranny provided by God’s word, the Pilgrims and the Protestants risked everything (and most of them died in the process) to live in a land where they were free to worship God as they chose.

Where did they get such powerful ideas that they would die to obtain them for future generations? From the Bible.

Propelled by such inspiration, the United States of America was conceived and brought to birth.

The Founding Fathers enshrined Bible precepts in the Constitution, a covenant, under which all future generations could live abiding by that moral and governmental compass. Once again, people abiding by the moral and spiritual precepts of the Bible rose to heights of sacrificial living and prosperity unparallelled in modern history. The United States of America attained a standard of living never before enjoyed by any nation.

Then 30 years ago people began saying, “If it feels good, do it.” Now they are saying, “If it sounds good, believe it,” to quote a contemporary pastor. This could lead to anything. And it has. Thus the Bible, our moral compass, has become disregarded and even defied. An example is the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s deviant decision regarding “homosexual marriage.”

Yet Jim Elliot, the famous missionary, often quoted, “God has put eternity in the hearts of man”.

The hunger for the word of God persists in the heart and with it a longing for God’s order in our nation once again.

Our gracious God has provided even for this departure from His provision for our well-being.

Repent. Turn from our wicked ways. Ask God to forgive us and cleanse us of all this unrighteousness. He will do this because Jesus paid for the sins of the whole world with his death on the cross. It is enough for us. The humble and contrite heart God will not despise.

With that, the Holy Spirit comes on the scene and brings revival to our land. No one is left out. All are blessed. God is on the throne of our hearts once again. The Bible once again provides the moral compass to keep our nation on track for God’s blessings for his people.

Happy New Year! It’s a new day, U.S.A.!


Rocky Mount


I disagree

I find little relating to morality of humans in the Bible and have always wondered why I felt the need to wash my hands whenever hearing or reading any religious rant. My apologies to Nietzsche.

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