Reader expresses gratitude for Obama’s initiatives on guns, violence

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There is an empty chair at the dinner table in a lot of American homes, and while we can collect data and come up with many reasons that are legitimate, that does not bring back the person who is absent from the dinner table because of gun violence. Thank you, President Obama, for having the sensitivity to remember the hundreds of lives, more than 30,000 lost in America every year, due to gun violence. This is a large number of our people dying too soon at the end of a gun.

I am not talking about violence due to crime connections only, but gun violence such as the 26 killed in a public school in Newtown, Conn., the people who died while watching a movie with their family and friends, the students on the West Coast attending classes at a community college, the Muslims worshipping in a mosque, the nine blacks killed at a prayer meeting in South Carolina, and the children killed at Columbine High School.

While we can’t forget the single deaths caused via gun violence at various other public buildings, universities, neighborhoods and school grounds, be it an adult, teenager, college student, teacher, custodian, principal, parent, or infant, it amounts to the same: death!

Many killings are not done at the hands of police officers; actually, most are not. Two important commandments tell us that we shall not kill and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Our nation watched random acts of violence destroying lives of TV crew members on assignment in Virginia and the newlywed couple in Raleigh. Who can forget what happened at the University of Virginia, the U.S. Naval shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia Tech, Colorado and San Bernardino, Calif.?

Mr. President, thank you for bringing to the forefront a sense of urgency to the fact that as Americans we can no longer ignore our out-of-control gun control problem. We are the only civilized, industrial nation that has the highest ratio of murder due to gun violence.

Those killed in Colorado at the abortion clinic and San Bernardino, Calif., speak to the need to revisit gun regulation and gun control laws. In December 2015, a 13-year-old killed two men, one 45 years old, in Greensboro.

A mother’s baby must now answer to the crime of double murder.

I shall continue to pray that wisdom penetrates the hearts of elected officials because everything is not political. Some things are just right because they preserve our nation’s future resources, its people. The idea that it is OK to kill speaks to a more serious issue: the mental health state of our nation and whether or not we are using the proper resources to channel or circumvent many of the tragedies that occur at the hand of individuals who may need intervention to ensure prevention.

Americans should not have to move around with a sense of fear but freedom. We need more teeth in gun control laws in several areas and more public service announcements about guns in the hands of children.

Thank you for wanting to implement common sense measures to ensure that the Second Amendment is not defined to provide avenues for killing fields at the hands of people who perhaps should not have been issued a permit to carry a lethal weapon. Violent responses to problems will never be the first or second step to solving them.

God’s blessings and grace are upon the United States of America. We have a beautiful country, and I don’t know of any other country that has been as dedicated to democracy, freedoms and security as the United States has been in helping other nations.

If we don’t work as hard to protect our own, what is the point of becoming engaged in an international peacekeeping force?




Rocky Mount


There's one born every minute.

Guns do not protect people. They're tools to kill living things. Yet more fearful folks give their money to gun manufacturers every year. The Lottery is a better investment.

Just more left-wing bullcrap

That's all it is. Nothing new here. Just another far-left ploy to gain further control over the lives of law-abiding Americans. When I was still working in the business sector (you know, the sector that pays most of the taxes to support the socialist programs in this country), I was taught, when confronted with a problem, to go after the root-cause of that problem. Anything otherwise would not solve the problem and would end-up a waste of time and money. That's exactly what this gun-control BS is. It won't solve the problem and will end up making it worse by disarming the law-abiding citizens. A firearm is not the cause of the problem we are witnessing.

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Kool Aid anyone?

Not a single gun law has ever nor will it ever prevent a criminal from using a gun in an illegal act.

Banning guns is unconstitutional.

Limiting the rights of law abiding citizens to own guns only serves to increase the odds for the criminals to be successful in their endeavors. Is this so hard to see?

Thank you Ms Ward

I agree, and we as a nation should take a close look at what we call or right to keep and bear arms. When adopted in 1791 what the Second Amendment said was true but it no longer is. It said we need a well regulated militia to remain a free nation but with about 2.2 million in our military and one police officer for every 300 people can we honestly say the amendment should not be tweaked or even possibly abandoned?

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