Reduction in funding for Medicare Advantage would hurt seniors

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Congress is threatening to take more funding away from Medicare Advantage. This move would hurt the millions of seniors who depend on the program’s affordable access to medical providers and prescription medication.

It seems that U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield is unsure whether to support or oppose these cuts. I’ll simplify the issue for him: Do you want seniors to vote for you?

If he answers “yes,” then he must stand against these damaging cuts, which are expected to raise costs and reduce benefits for 15.8 million seniors

I was uninsured for 25 years and rejoiced when I qualified for Medicare. With it, I could afford physical therapy for my severely damaged shoulder.

Plus I could relax that an illness or health incident would not bankrupt me since today’s medical bills are unmanageable without insurance. Boosting the costs of medications, co-pays and premiums would cause many seniors to skip care altogether.

How is that fair?

Rep. Butterfield needs to remember that politicians work for us, not the other way around. My generation paid our Medicare taxes for decades, and we expect coverage to be there when we need it.

Medicare Advantage must be shielded from further funding cuts.


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