Republicans responsible for threat posed by terrorists, extremists

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I wrote in a previous Letter to the Editor that this country was on the brink of becoming a powder keg – too relaxed gun laws, unethical politicians, and just unscrupulous people. Well it seems to be happening.

First of all, Jeb Bush said stop blaming his brother for what’s happening in the Middle East. Sorry, Jeb, your brother and his vice president are 100 percent responsible for exactly what’s going on. Iraq kept Iran at bay during their so-called cold war. Your brother removed the threat that was keeping Iran at bay.

Whether Republicans want to own it or not, a Republican president is responsible for the uprising of al-Qaida, the Taliban, and ISIS. Politicians who have never seen a day of combat are always quick to insist on sending our troops into harm’s way. ISIS targets are being bombed daily, yet it’s said the president is not doing enough. Ground troops are needed, they say. Let those people we are assisting be the ground troops.

Another sad truth is unscrupulous people in this country will sell it out for the almighty dollar. The pilots who knocked down the World Trade Center were trained in Florida. Lax gun laws allow any person with the required funds to purchase an assault weapon virtually anywhere. Republicans running for president are now calling the nut who murdered the people at Planned Parenthood unstable. Yet, he was able to purchase a firearm.

The ISIS sympathizers who murdered people in California were deemed radical, but with help, they stockpiled weapons and ammunition. So it seems if you’ve got the money, you can get yourself a weapon.

After Hispanic conservatives warned the GOP to stop demeaning Hispanics or they would not support their cause, Republicans all of a sudden switched their rhetoric to demeaning Muslims. But they forgot, there are conservative Muslims as well.

Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game. He is rabble-rousing, as they say. He has no regards for U.S. personnel who are currently serving in countries abroad. He is starting to excite that faction of the Republican Party that has that lone wolf mentality. Radical terrorist groups deeming themselves as Christians have existed in this country for years, yet they are hardly ever discussed. And guess what, they have a stockpile of weapons as well. Sooner or later, we will once again turn on the television to witness yet another mass tragedy.


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You are trying very hard to show some support for George W Bush when most people agree the war over WMD was a mistake. I agreed with the war too. The general consensus is that Iraq did not have an ongoing WMD program. US inspectors definitely had trouble finding a current WMD program or WMD. Any WMD that US troops may have come across over many years was from old stockpiles, mostly not usable, and was not part of an ongoing WMD program George Bush used to justify the invasion. I have even heard some reports that indicate that Iraq was pretending to have a current WMD program to confuse US Intelligence. There have been a number of democrats, republicans, and former government officials who have said they would have taken different positions if the intelligence had been accurate. Even Jeb Bush, George Bush's brother made similar comments recently. Colin Powell, Bush's Secretary of State and former Joint Chief's Chairman during the 1st Gulf War regrets going before the UN with flawed intelligence. It seems like you support George W Bush's position even more than his brother and General Powell who served as Secretary of State. I have not forgotten about the 1st Gulf war in 1990/1991 The Iraqi military's capability was reduced and they were held in check with a no fly zone and air strikes. They were not threatening their neighbors after the 1st Gulf War. And they definitely were not chopping off the heads of Americans or inspiring terrorist attacks across the globe in the name of Jihad like ISIS. You are trying hard to show support for George Bush. You may be one of the few people still trying to do so regarding the Iraq invasion. Definitely USA/world are not better off without Saddam when compared to the current instability in the region The Iraqi military's capability was further diminished after another war with the USA. As a result they were not able to maintain stability and destroy groups like ISIS. The USA had a policy of removing most Iraqi commanders from duty. The dissolution or disbanding of the Iraqi army. Many of them eventually ended up with ISIS along with some of their best fighters.

It's really OK

It's really ok to have your own thoughts. Really, it is. The problem with filling your head with other peoples thoughts is when you open your mouth, nothing original pours out.

Thoughts are wonderful...........

Everyone should have thoughts!!! Not only should they have thoughts but they should have both conscience and sub-conscience thoughts.

The conscience mind only goes so far but the sub-conscience mind has all your history in it. The sub-conscience mind has every book you have every read, every conversation you have ever had, and everything that you have seen contained within it grasp!!!

The problem begins when you start expressing your thoughts as opinion. Once you expressed a thought as an opinion the thought then must be supported with facts which many people ignore.

On the other hand when you express thought as belief then and only then are facts not required. It is very easy to determine what are opinions and what are beliefs!!!

The sub-conscience mind is a wonderful thing that most people ignore. I learned the hard way that when depended on the siub-conscience mind will always come through. >em>In the early 1980’s I was taking the North Carolina Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) Examination during the business law portion of the examination my conscience mind went blank. I had trouble thinking about the questions on the examination so I told my mind to take over. I wrote or provided whatever my sub-conscience mind told me to do. I scored the highest score that any of the partners in the CPA firm I was working for had ever seen on a CPA Examination!!!

So thought of the conscience and sub-conscience mind are wonderful and must be listened too!!!

Opinions without facts are like behinds most stink!!!

How soon we forget! Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Saddam annexed Kuwait making it a part of Iraq. NATO and numerous other countries told Saddam to withdrawn from Kuwait or face war. In mid-January 1991 the US led a multinational force to reclaim Kuwait as a sovereign nation. It was the war to reclaim Kuwait that highlighted Saddam’s use of chemical weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction – WMDs).

The problem with Iraq should have ended with the war to reclaim Kuwait. We stopped Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield much to soon. We had Saddam and his army on the run. We should have pushed them all the way back to Baghdad and captured Iraq at that time; END OF PROBLEM!!!

Since there are or were no WMDs in Iraq how is it that military EOD teams found and destroyed more than 5,000 chemical weapons (WMD’s) from 2004 through 2011. Here is a New York Times investigative story on the EOD personnel who are suffering from their job of destroying the WMD’s:

When Obama took office Iraq was stable but in transition from a dictatorship to a democracy. In all of Bush’s plans there was to be a stabilizing force in Iraq for several years to assist in the transition. BUT the plans for a stabilizing force ended when Obama and Biden failed to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Without a SOFA in place any forces left in Iraq would be subject to Iraqi law and subject to being confined in Iraqi jails. It was Obama’s failure to negotiate the SOFA that caused Iraqi leader to call for the withdrawal of all US and all allied military forces.

ISIS/ISIL was contained until Obama allowed all military forces to be withdrawn from Iraq. The expansion of ISIS is the result of the feckless leadership of Obama and the withdrawal of all US and allied military forces.

Should we have went to war in 2003, I say NO! As retired military I despise war. Once we enter a war we should be there to win it. We should also insure that an acceptable outcome is attained. Obama and his actions destroyed any possible chance for an acceptable outcome that of a democratic country. If the world does not intervene soon Iraq will become a theocracy, Shia (Iran) or Sunni (ISIS), neither is a good outcome!

Here are some other stories about the WMD’s in Iraq:


Most people probably agree that George Bush's decision to remove Saddam Hussein and start a war over WMD that did not exist was a mistake. Iraq, Syria and the middle east are in turmoil. As bad as Saddam was the world would have been better off with the Iraqi strongman in power. A stronger Iraq was able counterbalance Iran, terrorist groups and maintain stability in the nation and keep it from spilling into other areas. Republicans like to blame Obama for withdrawing troops too soon and helping to create ISIS. If Bush had not started the war in 2003 with Iraq ISIS most likely would not be the force it is today or even exist at all. The easy part was starting the war and defeating Saddam's forces on the battlefield. Critics of Bush actions were also concerned about the aftermath of a war and its longer lasting consequences. Removing a leader was easy along with weakening the Iraqi military-infrastructure What you get in its place may be far worse.


People like Mr. Ford need to come up with a new line--blaming Bush is really getting old, as Obama has now been in office for 7 years. It's Obama's wimpy response to terroism that emboldens the terrorists. As for guns, they are neither moral or immoral; it's how they are used. The vast majority of gunowners in this country use their guns in a legal, moral fashion. It's amazing to me that people like Mr. Ford cannot understand that criminals and terrorists don't abide by laws, so changing laws will only hurt honest, law-abiding citizens in their efforts to defend themselves. These are the same people who can't seem to grasp the basic concept that the prefix "il" as in "illegal immigrant" means NOT legal. They are all for allowing immigrants to break laws while they want to take away rights of law-abiding citizens by gutting the second amendment. Furthermore, the GOP has not demeaned Hispanics or Muslims; they have simply pointed out the facts--many Hispanics are here illegally. Again "il" means NOT, and illegal means NOT LEGAL. Do we really have to keep explaining this basic concept to you guys? The vast majority of Muslims believe that they should be able to live by their Islamic laws instead of by the constitution. In short, Mr. Ford's letter is a big fat load of crap. Unfortunately, many of this area's residents are either too ignorant to realize it, or they don't care because they are walking around waiting for a government handout.

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