Stay loyal to the Panthers team – not to what they might accomplish

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I am very proud of the Carolina Panthers and the great job they did during the regular season of football. This team has placed our state on the map, and people from all over were cheering them on as they won game after game with their impressive victories during regular season and playoff competitions.

Everybody wants a super hero, but how often do we get to meet those on a daily basis? Is a hero defined as a team, entity, or person who never fails? Is a hero defined by the biggest win only and not by all the hard work and dedication it takes to get to that point?

The Carolina Panthers took North Carolina to the Super Bowl. How many teams played for that spot and did not make it to the Super Bowl?

Congratulations to Mr. Richardson, Nash County native and owner, and all the people who made every victory possible on and off the road during the regular season.

Sometimes – no, most times in life – true winners experience what it is like to lose at something that seems bigger than life itself.

You are still a winner if you don’t get the largest prize.

The Super Bowl is not larger than life; it is an honor, it generates millions of dollars, and it creates instant fans while celebrating loyal ones. One of my former students asked me at the end of a midweek Bible study whom I was rooting for, and I said, “The Panthers.” He said, “What if they don’t win, I mean I got the jacket and the cap.” My response was, “You wear it still with pride because you are loyal to the team, not to a title that they might accomplish.”

The Carolina Panthers have an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl again and they will. This is not to take any celebrations away from the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. They earned the title. The point is that if your team is the Panthers, your team remains the Panthers after the Super Bowl. Cam Newton has taken his team places others teams did not go this past season. Coach Ron Rivera and his players and the franchise deserve our praise more than our criticism. The Panthers generate a lot of revenue for North Carolina. The Panthers’ name is still great to their loyal fans; we lost the game, but we won the hearts and followers of many nationwide.


Rocky Mount