Why is there a shortage of common sense and backbone in America?

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Why do law-abiding citizens have to have a gun permit but terrorists and members of cartels do not?

The White House cannot name one mass shooting that would have been prevented by new gun laws.

Why does President Barack Obama’s “compassion” send forth tears when it comes to victims of gun violence? But when ISIS members cut off the heads of Christians or put a man in a cage and burn him alive, or Planned Parenthood murders millions of babies you see no tears of compassion?

What happened to freedom of speech? In New York you can be fined $250,000 for not using a transgender person’s preferred pronoun. That is hard to believe!

Wildlife officials scold us and threaten us with fines if we feed wild animals. We’re told that the animals will become dependent and won’t be able to fend for themselves. It’s amazing that argument isn’t applied to people and businesses and their respective relationships with government.

Why do we allow our government – both state and national – to hand feed businesses and individuals with our tax dollars? Why not stop all government subsidies and let the free market determine losers and winners in the business world? Why not make able-bodied welfare people work? There is plenty of work to be done, even if it has to be community service work.

Gallup asked Americans what posed the biggest threat. Sixty-nine percent said big government.

Why does there have to be race diversity in the workplace, in schools, etc., but not on basketball courts or football fields?

Why are Americans putting up with the injustice of race or gender over qualification?

College Initiative Training is a program comprised of 36 universities and colleges around the nation, which for 24 years have provided the FAA with a pool of highly qualified applicants to become air traffic controllers.

The new FAA air traffic controller hiring policy has removed the hiring preference that those students and even military veterans used to enjoy and, in some cases, the FAA has disqualified them from even making application. Many of those students spent four years in the air traffic control career track during college, or were military air traffic controllers, yet the FAA, in the name of social justice, decided those college graduates and veterans had an unfair advantage over applicants with no previous air traffic control knowledge? Wake up; social justice is, in reality, injustice.

Why do citizens in Democratically controlled cities that are suffering from violence, continue to vote for Democrats?

When there is a run on Islamic terrorist attacks why would we not profile Muslims?

Terrorists are entering America! We know our immigration vetting system is not working. What is wrong with closing our borders to immigrants until we fix the problem?

If you don’t know what the candidates in your district and those running for President of the United States stand for, you better find out. This next election has to put in office those who love America and its ideals laid down in our founding documents.

If we don’t, we will lose America to Muslims and refugees just as Europe has. Women in Germany are now being raped in the streets by mobs of Arabic men. The time for pandering to minorities has to end and we have to get down to the business of protecting all Americans.


Spring Hope


Well Put - Is It Not Obvious to Others?

What Ms. Manning said, is it not obvious to others? Obviously not, or we would not have many of the politicians that are presently in office. Please America, you can see what the past seven years of change has done to this country. Let's not screw up the elections coming. Let us speak out and vote for change back to our former American values. Our country and way of life is at stake.

So well put

Telegram, please share this letter, submitting it for publication in sister papers for all to read. Thank you, Ms. Manning, for saying what so many of us believe but are too politically correct to verbalize. You've spoken for us. I'm speaking up now in support of your letter; next, I'll speak with my vote.

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