Blood need critical after winter storm

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The Twin Counties thankfully was spared the brunt of the disastrous blizzard that hit much of the Eastern Seaboard last week, but even though most of us stayed cozy and warm with power intact, we all are affected in lesser ways by the harsh weather.

Blood donations traditionally decrease in winter months almost every year. But severe weather since Jan. 1 has forced the cancellation of more than 300 blood drives across 20 states, according to the American Red Cross. The result is about 9,500 fewer donations than bloodmobile workers usually see in the month of January.

With the sun coming back out – here in Eastern North Carolina, at least – many of us can make a difference to our neighbors to the north by scheduling an appointment to give blood. It takes only a little while, and the donation literally can save lives.

The Telegram runs a schedule of local bloodmobiles every Tuesday on its Life page. Or you can visit online to see more listings.

While our friends are still digging out from the winter storm, we can make a difference with a gift that truly matters.