Ruling fuels debate for redistricting panel

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A federal judicial panel’s decision to toss out North Carolina’s congressional district map should hardly come as a surprise to anyone. State lawmakers loaded the 1st and 12th districts with black voters in order to help preserve Republican majorities in 10 of the state’s other 11 districts.

The panel of federal judges has ordered the state to redraw the congressional districts by the end of next week, a task that’s daunting enough on its own. But when you consider that absentee voting already has begun for the March 15 primary and that redrawing one district by necessity would affect other districts, the ripple effect turns into an even bigger mess.

We’ll leave that for legislators, lawyers and judges to haggle over. But maybe, at last, lawmakers will step back and reconsider a plan that Republicans seemed to champion when they were the minority party in Raleigh: Let’s create an independent nonpartisan commission to handle redistricting chores for both houses of the General Assembly and the U.S. House of Representatives.

That system has proved successful in other states, and we’ve crusaded for such a plan since long before Republicans captured control of the legislature.

Any plan in which those who are in office are allowed to hand-pick their voters is fraught with problems.

A federal panel of judges recognized that last week. It’s time for the General Assembly to recognize it, too.


Funny how Berger's tune has changed

Berger's the guy that submitted 5 different bills to establish non-partisan redistricting committees while he was in the minority party. Now that he's not, he's changed his tune. It's taken the GOP less than 5 years to leap past the level of corruption the Dems reached in a century ...

Funny How The Tune Changes

Funny how it was OK for lines to be drawn this way as long as Democraps were in charge; now suddenly, the Feds have a problem with it. There's an old saying that the libs and the Telegram should keep in mind: "Elections have consequences." Of course, Democraps are always sore losers, so instead of relying on our representative form of government through legislatures, they go running to the judicial branch, which of course is loaded with liberal, constitution hating socialists that the Dems rammed through the process into office. In short, this whole fiasco is exactly what the federal government does with everything it touches--screw it up!

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