Wild election season set to really take off

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After more than six months of being inundated with polls, pundits and presidential debates, it’s hard to fathom that the first ballots in the 2016 presidential campaign are just now about to be cast tomorrow in Iowa.

The campaign season hit full throttle early last summer and barrelled through the fall at a frenzied pace unprecedented so early in the cycle in past years. Much of that can probably be attributed to billionaire businessman Donald Trump entering the Republican presidential nomination race, dominating media attention and forcing his GOP competitors to scramble for attention and relevance.

So now Iowa voters will head to their caucus sites on Monday to deliver the first results of the 2016 race. New Hampshire voters will follow suit about a week later before the race heads to South Carolina and Nevada. By that point, it’s anyone’s guess how the presidential race will have evolved – but at least by then it will have been shaped by actual voters casting actual ballots.

Also different this year will be that North Carolina voters might just have the opportunity to influence the presidential primary contests for a change. Tar Heel voters will go to the polls on March 15 – and if this campaign season continues to defy all past precedents, they may actually have a hand in helping pick a winner of one, if not possibly both, of the presidential primary races.

So get ready folks, because this wacky presidential campaign might just get even wilder – and you might even have the chance to stoke it or tame it.