Community involvement key for cleaning streets

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I would like to say thank you to Sheriff Keith Stone and Sheriff James Knight for all you are doing to cut down on all the drug and gang activity in our counties.

We the public will be calling and giving you all the information we see that is drug- and gang-related.

We all have to work together to save our young people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Rocky Mount

The comment most likely left Rocky Mount out to criticize Rocky Mount Police for not participating in the regional task force to combat drugs, gangs, etc. Whenever there is any mention of lower crime in Rocky Mount the same people never want to show any support for the Rocky Mount Police or chief. Instead supporting the narrative that the way crime is reported has changed making it appear crime is lower than it really is. Of Course they may not want to consider the possibility that Rocky Mount has been able to lock up a large number of offenders over the years which may contribute to the lower crime rates too.


Notice how Rocky Mounts sorry police chief isnt mentioned.

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