Connect NC bond is similar to N.C. Education Lottery

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I will not vote in favor of the $2 billion Connect NC bond package because it reminds me of the N.C. Education Lottery.

We know the funds from the lottery are not working in favor of education here in North Carolina.

For example, Cumberland County has stated it will take back teacher supplements meaning teachers will no longer receive supplements in that county.

Currently, teachers in Halifax County don’t receive supplements.

Because of the Education Lottery, teachers should receive the same salary and teacher supplement regardless of where they work.

We have the lottery, and the funds need to be used for education.

The governor is Republican, the N.C. Senate and House are both led by a majority of Republicans.

Now these are the same people who can challenge local municipalities on annexation, for example.

These elected officials can revamp the way the N.C. Lottery funds are distributed to the 100 counties here in North Carolina.

Then they boast about a $300 million budget surplus.

No I am not going to vote in favor of the Connect NC bond.

These people don’t need any additional money to manage.

They need to be held accountable for the amount of money they are taking.


Vote No

I will vote no as well. They should include the projects in the regular appropriation process if they are so important. I don't trust any politician when they say there will be no tax increase. Edgecombe County said there would be no tax increase to support the renovations at the old Embarq building but guess what? We've got increases the last two years to pay for things our shrinking tax base couldn't support.

Event Center

I suppose you don't support bond money being used for the even center too? Supporters of the event center and Connect NC Bond are using some of the same arguments. Event Center supporters say it will bring money into the area along with construction-jobs. Nash Community College doesn't appear as desperate for the new construction. They say if money for capital projects is being doled out we might as well get our fair share.

No for the event center as well

How about we live within our means? How about we give people a comparable tax break if NC can afford all this debt. Who cares if we get our fair share and what's to say the construction will employ locals. I keep hearing fair share from this President and his Democrat allies. The term makes me sick.

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