Cut $600 billion defense budget

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The problem isn’t Social Security and it is not Medicare.

The problem is the $600 billion defense budget.

We spend more on defense than Russia, China, Iraq, Iran and all the other countries combined.

If you slash the defense budget in half to approximately $300 billion we would still spend more than any other country on earth.

With that $300 billion we could fully fund Social Security, Medicare and provide tuition assistance to college seniors.

It is nutty and some of those Republican candidates are saying they want to beef up defense.

Beef up a $600 billion budget?

If that is not insane than I don’t know what is.


Bottom line

Obama is a dog and not worth nothing.


USA has spent close to 1 trillion and counting in Iraq since 2003 in a war that should have never happened. Thank you George W Bush. That is a waste. What has USA received as a result. The Iraqi government doesn't seem to like us that much. At Least publicly. Iraq has more problems, chaos, war, and division, and terrorism than existed prior to US involvement. And Al Queda in Iraq formed into ISIS and is causing major problems in Syria as well. If instead the 1 trillion had been spent in the USA many people would be opposing that. But it is ok to spend 1 trillion in Iraq. With fracking in USA and other parts of the world USA isn't as dependent on Middle east oil as we once were.

Another idea

How about our government only fund functions that are mandated by the US Constitution of which Defense is one of them. Granted, DOD has waste however who are you going to call when their are conflicts around the world...Ghostbusters? Who is going to ensure the uninterrupted flow of oil from the Middle East since I am certain you would complain about the price of gas if it stopped. Actually, your letter sounds insane.


Sounds like a black Demoncrat blaming Republicans.

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