Department of Defense budget can be cut significantly

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I am an old Army man. I remember my time in service.

Let me tell you, there is more waste, fraud and abuse in the Department of Defense than there is in any other government agency. I do not care what agency you look at.

There are a lot of sacred cows in the Department of Defense. You cannot touch this and you cannot touch that.

You can cut the Pentagon budget almost in half and fund our basic military.

I served so I know what I am talking about.

The Service Academy and the Pentagon are both a sacred cow. The Pentagon was built during the Cold War. The Cold War ended 25 years ago.

The Pentagon is a relic of the Cold War.

There are just cuts galore that could be made in the defense budget and it will not happen.

General Eisenhower warned the American public about the defense industrial complex – the military industrial complex – that is what he called it.

Since then, it has only grown bigger and bigger by leaps and bounds until now we have a $600 billion annual defense budget.