NAFTA tanked U.S. economy

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I would like to comment on Merrill Washington’s assessment of President Ronald Reagan and trickle down economics.

I would remind him that he needs to get out of the 1980’s and look at what Bill Clinton did when he pushed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) through.

American workers making $7, $8, $9 and some as high as $20/hour started having to compete with people who were working for $3/day just like I did growing up priming tobacco.

No, it wasn’t Ronald Reagan’s fault.

The blame lies solely on Clinton because he pushed NAFTA through and that is what wrecked our economy and our way of doing business.

That is what sent companies overseas to hire cheap labor and bypass American workers.

Mr. Washington you need to get your facts straight before you start with your accusations.


Everyone Shares Blame

I don't believe Bill Clinton can be blamed for income inequality or trade deficits The problems with income inequality and trade deficits have occurred under republican and democrat presidents. Even when the economy was doing well in the 1980's people were complaining about trade deficits. The problem with American jobs leaving for lower cost countries is obviously a trend that has occurred for many decades. It was occurring before Bill Clinton came into office and under Reagan-Bush and it still is happening today. It is too simplistic to blame it all on Bill Clinton. Under Bill Clinton the national economy was doing fairly well and that should be pointed out as well.

Speaking of getting your facts straight...

...anonymous caller could stand to do the same thing.

Plenty of blame to go around on this one for everybody. The idea started with Reagan, went through Bush, and then Clinton touched it.

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