Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools have failed nursing students

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I would like to make a comment about the nursing program at Rocky Mount High.

Once again Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools administrators have failed Rocky Mount High students by failing to properly staff the nursing program.

This class is potentially the only job training that some of the students will ever receive toward a career.

This failure has forced some of the program’s 17 enrollees to commute at their own expense to other high schools to train and others eliminated from the program altogether after a year and a half in the program due to no fault of their own.

This program prepares the student to sit for the CNA exam, garnering them employable upon passing.

I wonder, had the football and basketball programs been inadequately staffed, there would have been an urgency to fill these vacancies, yet a career-making program limited to a 10:1 ratio with 17 enrollees was left without a second teacher.


We are failing our children time and time again.

Where is the outrage beyond that of the lone teacher? Who has our kids’ backs?


We the people

Don't be the insane one thinking what the system fails to do or continue to do will make change. People as your self and a few others will make change "if" we unite to implement needed change. The system is NOT!!! going to change because the products of that failing system see no change is needed. The people must unite to make change, don't allow a failed system to own you.

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