Put your lights on when its raining

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I would like to please remind people when it is raining and they have their windshield wipers going by law you are suppose to have your lights on.

I was just out and I cannot believe how many cars I saw with wipers going and didn’t have lights on.

People need to think.


Headlights when raining

I would like to reinforce earlier comment in regards to lights on when raining. Not just because it is the law ,but my goodness for the safety of yourself and others you need to be seen. I also have noticed in last few months at times during a heavy rain the amount of vehicles with no lights of any kind on and quite a few of them have been light colored vehicles such as gray and white. Daytime running lights have been common for some time now and they are beneficial in these situations, but unless you have turned on the parking lights there is no light visible from behind. So it seems only logical you still need to switch on your parking lights so you have them on visible from the back and the daytime running lights and parking lights on visible from the front. Just for numbers sake, in a distance of approx. 15 miles on both US 64 bypass and US 264 bypass I have counted between 15-20 vehicles going in opposite direction during rain that had no lights on !!


I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell you. We all ride around with our fog lights on---ALL THE TIME, especially when the sun is out.

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