Businesswoman on Telephone

Businesswoman on Telephone

What’s on Your Mind?

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I am a single mother of three young boys that attend nash-rocky mount schools. Nrms recently started giving laptops to students if they pay a fee of $50. As a mother of three this was going to costs me $150 which may not sound like a lot but it's a lot as we live paycheck to paycheck. I managed to come up with the money as I was told on the information night that this would be the only way for my children's to do their work. My children have their devices but the teachers are not using them. I met with my children's teachers and they said the internet doesn't work most days. My kids were telling me the same thing too. I tried to get a refund but was refused. I don't appreciate someone taking my money and making promises that are not true. Part of the agreement I signed said the district would supply internet. I feel sorry for the teachers too as one of them said they weren't given a laptop like the kids. I'm not a teacher but wouldn't it make sense for the teachers to have the same thing as the students ? Would you give studentS a Textbook and not give the teachers the manual? Nrms needs to get with it. Monique Silver Concerned public school parent.

Watch What You Ask

Your poll question about the state 2-A title game lends itself to "Yes" or "No." You ask the reader, "Are you going..."? Your choices are "Tarboro" or "East Lincoln." Those are not answers.



It Does Matter

I'm speaking up here on a matter that matters greatly to me. As a responsible pet owner who enjoys walking the dog I find it hard to understand why people leave their doggy waste where the dog dropped it rather than using a bag to pickup and dispose of the waste properly. Where I come from this is usually a $999 fine for not removing your dogs waste and I wish the fines were imposed here too. It is not fun to walk your dog or just go for a walk and have to watch where you step. Just do the right thing and be considerate of others who also enjoy walking their dog or walking for excercise. What your dog does in your own backyard is your business, but what that same dog does on public property is everyone's business.

Concession Speech for Congressman Etheridge

"The combination of the national tide that swept the country, massive amounts of secret corporate cash funding a campaign of distortions, and dirty politics by Washington, DC partisan operatives was just too much to overcome," Bob Etheridge ClassLESS to the end.

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