Service-animal impostors face crackdown

AUGUSTA, Maine – People who falsely pass off their pets as service animals – think of the woman in Wisconsin last year who claimed the right to bring her kangaroo into McDonald’s – have frustrated people with legitimate needs to such an extent that legislators in several states are considering laws to restore the animals’ credibility.

  • Blind therapy cat provides joy for senior communities

    CARRBORO — Clients of the Charles House at Winmore sat a little straighter, hands folded in their laps and some smiling broadly, as Toby the Silver Tiger walked in the room.

  • Michigan woman shares home with rescued birds

    NORWAY, Mich. – No matter what, her friends are always happy to see her.“Hi babe!” Wally said as she walked into the room.“Hi babe,” Dianna Larson replied.

  • Cat that pulled vanishing act will return to owners by jet

    RALEIGH — A cat named Hemi, who vanished without a trace in 2011 and reappeared just as mysteriously last week, will soon make a jet flight halfway across the country to rejoin the family that never stopped missing him.

  • Three-legged K-9 goes back to work

    When Nash County K-9 Sasha lost one of her legs to cancer in November, her handler Sgt. Greg Adams assumed the 7-year-old Belgian Malinois was bound for retirement.

  • Abused puppy gets new leash on life

    The first couple months of Crispin’s young life have been rough.

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