Cashier charged with embezzling from pizzeria

Officials charged a Rocky Mount woman Tuesday in connection with stealing money from a local pizza restaurant.Barbara Joyner Pierce, 49, of Nashville was charged with felony embezzlement.

Authorities seek three robbery suspects

Authorities are searching for three teens suspected of robbing a man Wednesday night.

  • Police seek panty thief

    Rocky Mount police are searching for a suspected panty thief in connection with a theft in the Golden East Crossing mall.

  • Suspect arrested after evading police

    A Rocky Mount man was jailed March 28 after he attempted to evade police.

  • Man charged in domestic attack

    A Rocky Mount man was charged Monday for allegedly attempted to attack multiple people, including an officer, with a knife.

  • Authorities recover stolen cellphone

    Authorities recovered a cellphone that was stolen in a church.

  • Police arrest disorderly restaurant customer

    The charges against a disorderly Waffle House customer didn’t stop when he was taken away by police since the suspect continued to fight officers throughout the incident.

Pittman verdict brings tears of relief, grief

WINDSOR – Tears were abundant Thursday afternoon as a guilty verdict in the first-degree murder trial of Antwan Pittman was read and the 33-year-old was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

  • Pittman found guilty in Nicholson murder

    WINDSOR - The jury in the murder trial of Antwan Pittman returned a verdict of guilty today after less than an hour of deliberation.

  • Pittman testifies in his own defense

    WINDSOR – Defendant Antwan Pittman took the stand in the last hour of court Wednesday to tell his story.

  • SBI analyst says Pittman's DNA was found in victim

    WINDSOR – Prosecutors in the murder trial of Antwan Pittman heard testimony from nine witnesses Wednesday morning and questioned the investigating detective twice before the lunch recess.

  • Prosecution lays out case against Pittman

    WINDSOR – Assistant District Attorney Steve Graham advised the jury to remain clear-headed during the murder trial of Antwan Pittman, while the victim’s family grew emotional during the first day of testimony Tuesday.

  • Autopsy testimony jars victim’s family in Pittman trial

    WINDSOR – Morning testimony in the murder trial of Antwan Pittman proved an emotional ride for the victim’s family.